Did you know that web hosting plays a major role in your business?  When you have a website for your business, you need reliability and speed so that your customers can enjoy the experience your Website can offer.

Some experts think that web hosting has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services); perhaps they may be right. Web hosting speed and reliability has nothing to do with SEO Optimization, but what about real life experience? As a customer don't  you think that speed is the most important feature of a website? Our opinion is that your web hosting speed may depend on whether your customer stay or leave.

We believe that, when contracting business web hosting services...You should choose carefully while keeping in mind the importance of speed and reliability.

www.connektiva.com is a high performance web host and offers ideal solutions for all business web hosting worldwide. We found Connektiva.com to be one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services provider on the market
Connektiva.com data centers are located in:

  • SteadFast / Chicago, United States
  • Pulsant  /  London, United Kingdom
  • SisGroup / Sydney, Australia
  • Telepoint / Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ficolo / Pori, Finland

One of the best feature of Connektiva.com is: They offer relatively cheap business web hosting services;  their hepsia control panel makes them a number one choice. With connektiva.com hepsia control panel everything is managed in one place.

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