Initially, modern Europeans used to wore purses for one sole purpose: to carry coins. Such handbags were made of soft fabric or leather and were worn by men as often as ladies; the Scottish sporran is a survival of this custom. Nearly around the 17th century, young girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill for marriage; this also helped them make very beautiful handbags. The modern styles of purse, clutch, pouch or handbag came about in England during the Industrial Revolution.

Envelope shoulder handbags are categorized as the clutch bags hitting the trend nowadays.

Clutches (envelope styled handbags) were initially born out of sartorial sexism and classism in the 1920s—sexist because women’s clothing at the time were purposefully designed sans pockets (only men’s clothing were granted them), and classist because only affluent women could afford them. (Here’s an amazing Racked deep dive on their history.) As society and fashion progressed, so did the accessibility of this accessory, to the point where it shouldn’t attract such shade in the twenty-first century.

In 2019 there are myriad handle fewer bags offered in various sizes that are as every bit as sensible and affordable, and designed to suit whatever your personal style is—from the usual suspects (glittery, sequin-covered, and embellished clutches) to lower-key and casual options (from Rebecca Mink off Leo clutches that look like oversize envelopes to simple Clare V. circular pouches that can double as fanny packs). My absolute favourite: the soft leather zip clutches from Baggy for their unremarkable plainness: unfussy shapes, simple colours, compact size. (The company refers to these as “leather pouches,” with the idea that users can throw them into even bigger bags, but I love using this zippered sack on its own, with my phone-keys-wallet in tow and tucked under my arm for a breezy night out.)

I’ve found that carrying a big handbag is not luxurious (despite what you might see in reality television or in movie portrayals of successful women); it’s a trick: I’ll think that I want more things in it, but really, why would I want to do that to my body? Moreover, I have found that no other accessory turns over as quickly as the “fashion bag.” Since adopting my clutch life, I’ve been relinquished of following bag trends and the expensive habit of buying them. I remember sweating over an Alexander Wang purse a few years ago, debating whether the small vintage-like silhouette would be worth the few hundreds it cost—and I’m so glad I decided against it in the end, because now the bag feels dated to me, as most accessories do after a few seasons. I’ve watched with dismay as well-kept, name-brand bucket bags and other styles with (apparently outdated) hardware accoutrements routinely get rejected at second-hand consignment shops, if only because they weren’t current anymore. Rather than deal with trend-based handbag upkeep, I’d like to step away from them altogether—that is, save for the simple black leather clutch I adore, which boasts an extremely basic and timeless vibe I’m into.

I get that the clutch bag isn’t for everyone (and going completely bagless isn’t entirely realistic), but this “lite pack” lifestyle is one I’d like to maintain and strive for whenever possible. Come nights and weekends, I've rewarded the privilege of shedding myself of the million things I’m usually obligated to schlep around town. Instead, I gather just a few of my vitals—my PKW and a few makeup products, if I’m feeling saucy—throw them into a small clutch bag and go.

Website not found on Google

Have a website but it is not found on Google Search? Ask yourself how long has it been running? Does it follow the standards?

Most websites when they are created, they don't follow the standards therefore they become failure. Business owners get frustrated and abandoned their website in the first year of operation.

Web Design Services

Need some web design services?  If you live in Los Angeles or elsewhere it does not matter web design services can be provided worldwide.

The only thing you have to be concerned is the proper implementation of Meta data in your website. Therefore hiring a web design services expert here or overseas won't make a difference when the developer knows the standards.
However note that even when the design looks beautiful it doesn't mean it will be successful. Web design services expert know how to implement the metadata so that it is always available to you the website administrator while maintaining the site. That is what you want.

A good web design services expert will train you on how to use your website once the site has been completed and available to the public.  The website should be easy to maintain.  Web developers and SEO service experts are aware that you the business owner may not have the time to market or maintain the website, in either case the website should have the necessary tools in place for the seo optimization.

Serious business owners agree to replace and rebuild the website by hiring a  true web design services expert when they learn that the current website does not comply with the standards.  Replaceing a a website often new technology and tools are integrated and that is good!

SEO Services for Small Business

Need some help to boost your business? People are searching for the products and services you are offering, it is time for you to step forward and give these people what they want. Yes we know your website is beautiful, you even offer the greatest deal on the net, but no customers!

Ok, you need SEO services for small business. No, it is not your fault. It is your web designer's fault. Your website supposed to follow the standards since day one when it was built.

There is so much to do. Your website should be up to date, it must be updated to be fully responsive and SEO Optimized. Uh, you didn't know this...did you?  Often rebuilding or replacing the website is the only way to meet with the requirements. You may not like how this sounds but seriously there are many things you should take in consideration when evaluating your website. An SEO service consultant can provide full details of the current issues and provide expert guidance on how to improve it.

Yes, correcting or fixing a website issue may get quite pricey depending on, who you work with. Now if you want the best service and an easy way to work it out, offers FREE website Analysis and affordable SEO services for small business.


SEO Consulting services are great ways to discover what you are missing.  Fixing the issues on your website will help you reach newandmore customers. Remember that your website is useless if no one can find it.  Having an optimized website, your business becomes visible to more people who are already searching for what you offering. Opt for using SEO services for small business; it's the best way to reach your goals. It’s a win-win!

SEO Service Specialist and SEO service experts are technically the same SEO Professionals. People refer to SEO Service specialist because they have knowledge and specialize in SEO Services.
Perhaps I can say that an SEO Service Specialist only focuses in this industry and should have deep understanding of how website should be optimized to meet Google’s standard. Be careful when contracting SEO Service specialist as not all are true SEO Specialist.

Microweb360 Seo Services

All experts in the SEO industry Works for a reputable company which in term should have a website to prove their expertise and ability.  To probe SEO Service Specialist ask for their website and what keywords they are ranking high.  
Be careful when hiring SEO Service Experts, if they cannot prove their ranking position then most likely they will not be able to correct the situation with your website.

When searching on Google for SEO Service Experts or SEO Service Specialist, do not confuse the result with pay per-click or Ad-words. The ads on the very top of Google are paid advertisement that does not prove they can rank your website.
Optimized websites should show up in the organic results. You should contract only SEO Service Specialist found in the organic result that is one way for you to get a chance of choosing the correct one.

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